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Tim Herold, Owner
Herold Precision Metals, Inc.
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Allied Executives guarantees member satisfaction.

Todd Bjorklund, President
Tim Herold, Owner
Herold Precision Metals, Inc.
Mike Harvath, CEO
Revenue Rocket Consulting Group
Pat Coan, CEO
Brings Company, Inc.
Dan Ferrise, CEO
Frandsen Corporation
Dave Gerdes, COO
Doug Portmann, CEO
Modern Molding, Inc.
Judy Lynse, CEO
Peter Thorpe, CEO
Shal, LLC.
Jeff Dougherty, CEO
Aquarius Water Conditioning

Dan Ferrise

“Let’s face it, we are all busy people and our time is precious. John has figured out a way to bring together top executives that are serious about improving business practices that deliver to the bottom line. I commit one morning a month to focus on my own professional development and the well being of the companies I am responsible for. The meetings are professionally facilitated. The advice is solid yet sometimes brutal and the camaraderie is an added benefit that I hadn’t expected. Membership in Allied Executives is truly a good use of my time and resources”.

Dan Ferrise - CEO
Miller Manufacturing Company
(Frandsen Corporation)

Member since 2008

Todd L. Bjorklund “One surprise I had was the depth of experience from the various members of my Peer Group. There has been a number of very tangible results that I’ve been able to achieve with the 1/2 day commitment on a monthly basis. We have implemented and utilized tools, resources and services that have come through Allied Executives. It’s been a very rewarding investment of time for me and my organization.”

Todd L. Bjorklund - President

Member Since 2009 

Scott Dongoske “I find my membership in Allied Executives to be informative, enjoyable and intellectually stimulating. My Peer Group provides an excellent forum for strategic discussion. Meetings include discussions of national and world business events, a detailed look at each other’s business, and time for solutions to specific issues. I leave each meeting with a list of thoughts and ideas that I am able to use to improve my company’s business, and I believe other members feel the same way.”

Scott Dongoske - President
Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A.

Member Since 2009

Dave Gerdes “Allied Executives is very rewarding for me and two of my key leaders. We all participate in different Peer Groups and benefit greatly by having this resource outside of our company to expose us to new ideas and solutions relevant to our business and industry. Our Peer Groups help hold us accountable and add a push to make some tough decisions and drive improvements in our company and ourselves. We have grown professionally and are better leaders as a result of Allied Executives.”

Dave Gerdes, V.P. COO
CATCO Parts & Service, Inc.

Member Since 2008

Karin Gessner “My Peer Group consists of high level down to earth practical business owners with real time advice. Our Peer Group Director/Facilitator keeps the meeting on target, productive and fun. I have utilized exceptional resources from the peer group and Allied Executives that have fulfilled personal and company needs with immediate impact and results. I make my monthly Peer Group meeting a priority because of the impact it has on me personally and my company’s bottom line.”

Karin Gessner - President and CEO
Red Devil Equipment Co.

Member Since 2010

Tim Herold “There are five of us from HPM in different Allied Executives peer groups, my two brothers/partners and I are in owner groups and two employees are in key leader groups. I bring something back from every meeting…ideas and concepts that I use in our company. We develop and blend these ideas and solutions into our own concepts or processes. We also leverage the Peer Group Director to help facilitate balance and alignment with our owners and key leaders.”

Tim Herold - Owner/Partner
Herold Precision Metals, Inc.

Member Since 2002

Troy Shuette

“Allied Executives gives me the opportunity to discuss major decisions or problems I am encountering in our company with a group of well respected members of the business community. They always give me great ideas or at least a new perspective to take back to the office that will benefit our organization. These individuals challenge and motivate me on a monthly basis to accomplish our goals. I feel that by being a part of Allied Executives we are always one step ahead of the competition.”

Troy Schuette - President
Elite Waste Disposal, Inc.
Member since 2002

"Allied Executives has been a great asset to my business. Having other business owners available to discuss important issues involving my company has provided me with much better clarity in decision making and has added greatly to my company’s success.  I believe that my company would be at least one year behind where it currently is without Allied Executives’ assistance."

Mike Fafinski - President
Syand Corporation

Member since 2003

"Allied Executives is a very unique and informative group of executives and entrepreneurs devoted to being successful and helping others along the way."

Gary Meyers - Owner
Massage Envy

Member since 2005

"I have been an Allied Executives member for many years. Having the ability to share concerns and ideas with other business owners has been invaluable. The return on investment in both time and money has truly been fantastic. This group not only talks about good ideas, but also will hold you accountable."

Doug Portmann - President
Modern Molding Inc.

Member since 2002