2021 Relentless Solution Focus

Jason Selk Jason Selk

2021 Relentless Solution Focus

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Online Webinar
Dr. Jason Selk

As we kick off the New Year, we have partnered with PEO Leadership to present their good friend Dr. Jason Selk, CEO of Enhanced Performance and the former Director of Mental Training for the St. Louis Cardinals. He currently helps business leaders, executives, and top sales people develop mental toughness, increase confidence and focus, and substantially grow their bottom line. 

Here is what you should expect to take-away from our hour conversation and Q&A:

  • THE #1 obstacle to mental toughness is our biological tendency to focus on the PROBLEM before the SOLUTION. As humans we tend to have a problem-centric focus (PCF)
  • The opposite of a problem-centric focus is a Relentless Solution Focus, replacing all negative thoughts about a problem with a solution based focused thinking.
  • Relentless Solution Focus is confirmed and accomplished often with one simple question: "What is the one thing I can do differently right now that could make things better?"

You should expect to walk away with some of the starting blocks of increasing your mental toughness allowing you to accelerate more effectively towards your professional and personal goals and objectives.

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