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Gain access to the experiences, skills, and connections that will help you grow as a leader.

Matching you and the sophistication of your 
business with a group of people who can help you in that moment of time.

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Our Membership Benefits

Gain new insights.  Get help with difficult decisions. Shorten your timeframe to success.

A peer group will provide you with a confidential, experienced group of advisors and an experienced facilitator who can offer you advise and counsel for the challenges you all share in common.

We offer several different peer group types and will help you determine which one is the right fit for you.   Whether your business is a startup or more established, family-owned or public, your position CEO or a key executive, we have a group for you.   The value and rewards of group membership are varied and proven by years of client satisfaction.

Learn from experts tackling the most relevant & current business issues.

Multiple times per year Allied Executives conducts executive education events for its members.  Experts are brought in to educate on a wide variety of topics and challenges. Each of our educational events are open to Allied Members and their company employees as a benefit of membership. Typical events range from 250-300 attendees.

Grow your network of executive resources.

Often, the more successful you become and the further you progress in your career, the harder it is to find and connect with like-minded individuals. You become busier and have greater responsibilities at work and home. Before you know it, you are isolated, regardless of how large your organization is.  

Within your peer group, you will get to know 10-12 individuals very well. Within the Allied Network we provide multiple opportunities to significantly expand your network and engage with members from other peer groups, giving you the opportunity to access a greater variety of resources and experts to help you reach your potential. 

Direct, one-on-one, help when you need it.

Each peer group facilitator understands that Issues and opportunities come fast and furious - and – that it isn’t always ideal to wait until the next peer group meeting to get the help or insights you need.

Our facilitators work directly with each member of their group to help them navigate issues and opportunities as they arise and need the help. 

Be it direct coaching help, consulting on an issue, collaborating with you on an idea, or helping you effectively prepare a topic for sharing with your group our facilitators make themselves available so you can maximize the value of your membership and keep moving forward for your business and team.

Not an Owner, CEO, or President? We’ve got options for you:

Owner, CEO, and President

For shareholders, acting presidents and CEO’s for companies of all sizes. The focus of the peer group is on being a more effective leader, building employee self-sufficiency, creating a healthy culture, balancing profit with growth, and increasing your company’s value.

Key Leaders

For senior level executives who focus on general or functional management activities. The peer group focuses on how to be a more effective leader, get more out of your employees, and collaborate more effectively with our key leaders and departments in your company.

Sales Leaders

The focus of the peer group is on being a more effective sales leader. Work collaboratively with other sales leaders to solve problems, improve your team’s sales productivity, and grow your market share.

Business Meeting Business Meeting

A peer group that becomes the best 3 hours of your month.

Your time is valuable so we stay focused.

  • Time to connect
  • Time to share
  • Time to solve
  • Move forward

Helpful FAQ’s

You will benefit exponentially from involvement if you are a learner, want to grow yourself and your business, are interested in doing so more effectively and efficiently, and will seek to provide as much value to the other members of your group as you receive.  

Beyond these requirements, those who stay totally involved in the meetings, are open-minded, and communicate well with others stand to create the best possible future for themselves and their firm.

Beyond these characteristics, we best serve business leaders from companies ranging $1M to $500M in revenue, from all industries and businesses headquartered in MN, that are seeking to grow and improve.

The separation and space of a peer group provides each CEO or business owner the opportunity to step back and view their challenges and opportunities from a different perspective. The benefits are wide and varied. Many benefits can be very specific ROI cases depending on the challenge or opportunity.

As a member, you will be exposed to a greater variety of resources, strategies, and advice not available to you in any other forum.

A professionally built and led group, made up of 10-14 members, which meets monthly to help each other take their business to the next level.   

The peer group will provide you with an experienced group of advisors - and a seasoned facilitator - who can offer you advice, feedback, and critical thinking around the challenges you all share in common.

Each peer group is facilitated by an Allied Executives facilitator. Each facilitator is a former member and/or current CEO or business owner. The role of the facilitator is to chair the meetings, keep meetings on time and on point, ensure there is strong motivation behind the group, help each member understand one another’s unique contribution, and deliver the outcomes each member is striving for as part of their being involved.

Each peer group meeting meets once a month for a half day, on the same date and time each month (i.e., 3rd Tuesday, 9 AM). It is the facilitator’s role to ensure each meeting remains on target, on time, and on point. Each meeting follows a specific agenda and format to ensure each member is heard from and has an opportunity to receive feedback from the group. Members within a group are non-competitive. 

Members are placed specifically with executives and owners who share their level of experience and responsibility and whose businesses are at a similar growth stage.  

Members are from non-competitive firms, have a variety of educational and cultural backgrounds, and possess different ages, genders, and points of view.  

Our goal is to create an environment in which, collectively, there is no experiential or expertise blind spot.

Our structure. We are a MN company, with MN members. Each facilitator is a former Allied Member, business owner, and works directly for our firm. This allows us to focus on our members and ensure that everything we do and offer is with them in mind. We have the flexibility, size, and culture that allows for our members to always be in the right group for them and receiving the maximum benefit.

Yes we do! We have mixed key executive (CMO, COO, CFO, et al.), Sales Management, and Sales Producer peer groups.

Click on the links to learn more about each group type.

We have a simple three-step process. Step one is to complete our membership application.

The simple assessment will provide us with a little bit of advanced information about you and your organization and help us determine what type of group may be right-fit for you.  Step two is to meet with an Allied Executives principal so we each have an opportunity to learn more about each other. After completing the membership assessment, an Allied team member will reach out to you to set up that meeting. 

Step three is to experience a peer group first-hand.  We believe fit is critically important and work with you and our members to find that perfect group fit. 

Derek Sussner | Sussner Derek Sussner | Sussner
Derek Sussner
Owner of Sussner

Member Since 2017

There's nothing as stressful as facing a challenge or opportunity for the first time, and having to navigate it on my own.

Taking time once a month to get out of the day to day working in my business has been one of the most impactful things on me and my business. We've made better decisions.

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