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Membership in an Allied Executives Peer Group enables you to get an ongoing education in business from business executives just like you.

Each member has gained their knowledge and experience in the real world, running their own businesses.  Your peers will provide a great sounding board to test new ideas and concepts, review plans and goals, and present issues and opportunities for discussion.

Your involvement can improve the way you process information and problems through exposure to new ideas and best practices.  Your peer group will become the go to place for making important decisions.

The results you will directly experience are better and quicker decision making, new insight and awareness, clearer direction, more confidence, peace of mind, and ultimately a better future for you and your firm.


You will benefit exponentially from involvement if you are a learner, want to grow yourself and your business, are interested in doing so more effectively and efficiently, and will seek to provide as much value to the other members of your group as you receive.  

Beyond these requirements, those who stay totally involved in the meetings, are open-minded, and communicate well with others stand to create the best possible future for themselves and their firm.

Beyond these characteristics, we best serve business leaders from companies ranging $1M to $500M in revenue, from all industries and businesses headquartered in MN, that are seeking to grow and improve.

The separation and space of a peer group provides each CEO or business owner the opportunity to step back and view their challenges and opportunities from a different perspective.  The benefits are wide and varied.  Many benefits can be very specific ROI cases depending on the challenge or opportunity.

As a member, you will be exposed to a greater variety of resources, strategies, and advice not available to you in any other forum.

A professionally built and led group, made up of 10-14 members, which meets monthly to help each other take their business to the next level.   

The peer group will provide you with an experienced group of advisors - and a seasoned facilitator - who can offer you advice, feedback, and critical thinking around the challenges you all share in common.

Each peer group is facilitated by an Allied Executives facilitator.  Each facilitator is a former member and/or current CEO or business owner.  The role of the facilitator is to chair the meetings, keep meetings on time and on point, ensure there is strong motivation behind the group, help each member understand one another’s unique contribution, and deliver the outcomes each member is striving for as part of their being involved.

Each peer group meeting meets once a month for a half day, on the same date and time each month (i.e., 3rd Tuesday, 9 AM).  It is the facilitator’s role to ensure each meeting remains on target, on time, and on point.  Each meeting follows a specific agenda and format to ensure each member is heard from and has an opportunity to receive feedback from the group.  Members within a group are non-competitive. 

Members are placed specifically with executives and owners who share their level of experience and responsibility and whose businesses are at a similar growth stage.  

Members are from non-competitive firms, have a variety of educational and cultural backgrounds, and possess different ages, genders, and points of view.  

Our goal is to create an environment in which, collectively, there is no experiential or expertise blind spot.

Our structure. We are a MN company, with MN members.  Each facilitator is a former Allied Member, business owner, and works directly for our firm.  This allows us to focus on our members and ensure that everything we do and offer is with them in mind.  We have the flexibility, size, and culture that allows for our members to always be in the right group for them and receiving the maximum benefit.

Yes we do!  We have mixed key executive (CMO, COO, CFO, et al.), Sales Management, and Sales Producer peer groups.  

Click on the links to learn more about each group type.

We have a simple three-step process. Step one is to complete our membership application.

The simple assessment will provide us with a little bit of advanced information about you and your organization and help us determine what type of group may be right-fit for you.   Step two is to meet with an Allied Executives principal so we each have an opportunity to learn more about each other.  After completing the membership assessment, an Allied team member will reach out to you to set up that meeting. 

Step three is to experience a peer group first-hand.  We believe fit is critically important and work with you and our members to find that perfect group fit. 

Karin Gessner - President & CEO of RADIA Karin Gessner - President & CEO of RADIA
Karin Gessner
President & CEO of RADIA

Member Since 2010

My Peer Group consists of high level, down to earth, practical business owners with real time advice.

Our Peer Group Director keeps the meeting on target, productive, and fun. I have utilized exceptional resources from the peer group and Allied Executives that have fulfilled my personal and professional needs with immediate impact and results. I make my monthly peer group a priority because of the impact it has on me personally and my company bottom line.

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