Denise Byers

Denise Byers

Peer Group Director

The wisdom gained from my thirty years with Fortune 250 companies combined with the learnings gained growing up in a family farm equipment business have prepared me well to serve as your CEO peer-to-peer group leader.  I believe peer advisory is the sturdy bridge that connects individual leadership effectiveness with outstanding organizational performance.  I’m your partner in creating a peer group where we engage in trusting conversations about your challenges, areas of improvement, and solutions to improve you and your business. 

In addition to my CEO peer-to-peer advisory work with Allied, I’m the CEO of Agility Partners, Inc. a boutique professional services firm devoted to partnering with executives, emerging leaders, and organizations to operate at their highest level possible. Having worn the corporate executive’s shoes I bring situational awareness, understanding, and relevant insights to every coaching conversation and to every culture advisory solution. 

I’m passionate about serving our community and focus on adolescent and adult brain health.  I serve on the University of Minnesota Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain Advisory Board and serve as the Chairman of the Board for Restart Inc. MN. Restart is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving adults who have suffered a brain injury and are unable to live independently. 

Your continuous improvement as an individual is inseparable from the overall betterment of
every group of which you are a part, whether it’s a family, a team, or a company.